Fitness Centres and Weight Rooms are open. Drop-in programs and fitness classes are available. Learn about A New Way to Play: Recreation During COVID-19 for fitness programs and the walking track.

Visit eFun to reserve a time for your workout or a fitness class at select weight rooms and fitness centres.

Online reservation is the fastest and easiest way to reserve a spot but are not required. You can still walk-in without a reservation, space permitting.

Before You Start

To use eFun, you need a family number?for your household and a?client number for every member of your household. Get these numbers:

Visit How to Register for Recreation Programs for more information on setting up your account.

When to Reserve

Start reserving on Thursday at 7 a.m. for the following Monday through Sunday.


Make a reservation online for free. Pay when you arrive with either:

  • your current membership
  • pay-as-you-go fee

You do not need to pay at free centres.


  • Limit one booking per day per person.
  • Fitness workouts are a one hour/time slot
  • Arrive 10 minutes early for your reservation, for participant safety, late arrivals will not be allowed into fitness classes.
  • Arrive ready in work-out clothes/gear. Some lockers are out of service to ensure physical distancing

Can’t Make It?

If you change your mind and/or are no longer able to use your reserved fitness workout/class, contact your local community centre during normal business hours to cancel your booking.

Step-by-Step Guide to Reserving a Fitness? Workout/Fitness Class Online

  1. Go to?
  2. Select Find Programs
  3. In the left-most column, find the heading Program List
  4. Make sure Only Programs Available For Registration is selected.
  5. Under the heading Program List, choose Reservations to expand the list
  6. Find and choose Fitness
  7. In the right-most column, under the heading Program Listing, select a category to expand all available times
  8. Find the date and time you want to reserve. If it is available, an Add button will appear in the right-most column.
  9. Select Add
  10. In the new window, enter your client number and your family number. Follow the instructions to complete your fitness workout or fitness class reservation.


The following locations are offering online reservations.

In compliance with the?City of Toronto Mandatory Mask or Face Covering By-Law 541-2020, wearing a mask/face covering is required in indoor public spaces. This includes:

  • changerooms
  • washrooms
  • all other inside spaces

The face-covering can be a mask, scarf, bandana, other cloth covering or non-surgical paper mask as long as it covers your nose and mouth.

During Exercise at a City Fitness Centre

You may remove your mask during your exercise.

When you’re finished exercising, a mask must be worn. This includes longer-than-normal rest periods and entering and leaving the centre/weight rooms.

The number of people allowed in a fitness area has been reduced so that people have more space to maintain physical distancing.

Drop-in programs and fitness classes will resume in early September.

From aerobics to yoga, the City has something for everyone.

Registered Programs

Register for these programs in advance through Learn how to register.

Drop-in Programs

Drop-in to any of these classes whenever it’s convenient (space permitting). Use a punch card, passport, membership or pay-as-you-go payment options for these programs.

Drop-in class space is offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi and other specialty?classes are not included with passports, punch cards and passes. For Aquafit fees, visit?Drop-In Swimming.

If you have questions or want to see what options are offered at your facility, just call!

Membership Type Pay-As-You-Go 10 Visits Punch 9 Week Passport 12 Week Passport 1 Year Passport
Adult(19- 59 years) $10.00 $92.00 $155.50 $207.50 $575.00
Older Adults?(60+ years) $5.00 $46.00 $77.75 $103.75 $287.50


A passport lets you drop-in to fitness classes at one or many different facilities as much as you’d like within the time frame of your passport. This option is great for those looking to build a regular fitness routine. Weight room use is not included and there is a replacement fee for lost or stolen passport cards.

A punch card gives you 10 drop-in classes for a discounted price. This is a great option for those who want to try different activities and classes without the pressure of going every week.

  • Cards must be presented at each visit and identification is required
  • Cards are non-refundable and non-transferable.

The Pay-As-You-Go option allows you to attend and pay for a single class. This option is great for someone looking to try out new activities or add extra workouts to their routine without any commitment.

Conditions of Use

  • Not all programs at Fitness Centres are included.
  • Space is not guaranteed. Registered participants have priority access.
  • You will only be admitted to the class after registered participants have been accommodated.
  • Program schedule subject to change based on registration and attendance.
  • Non-prime youth rates do not exist for fitness classes.

Each membership type corresponds to a fitness centre type. Fitness centre types can be viewed under Fitness Centre Types & Locations below.

Type A Membership provides you with access to lane swims, fitness classes and weight rooms at all Type A, B and C fitness centres.

Type B Membership provides you with access to lane swims, fitness classes and weight rooms at all Type B and C centres only.

Type C Membership provides you with access to lane swims, fitness classes and weight rooms at all Type C locations only.

Type A Fitness Centres Fees***
Membership Type 1 Year 6 Month 3 Month 1 Month 1 Day
Adult?(19- 59 years) $698.00 $372.50 $204.50 $122.00 $16.00
Youth?(16- 18 years) $433.50 $234.00 $127.00 $54.50 $13.00
Older Adults?(60+ years) $349.00 $186.25 $102.25 $61.00 $8.00
Adults Non-Prime Time** $433.50 $234.00 $127.00 $54.50 $13.00
Etobicoke Olympium Track Only – Adult $52.50
Etobicoke Olympium Track Only – Older Adult $26.25

Older Adult fees apply to participants 60 years and older.

Type B Fitness Centres Fees***
Membership Type 1 Year 6 Month 3 Month 1 Month 1 Day
Adult?(19- 59 years) $534.00 $288.50 $156.50 $65.50 $15.00
Youth?(16- 18 years) $370.00 $197.00 $106.00 $44.50 $10.50
Older Adults?(60+ years) $267.00 $144.25 $78.25 $32.75 $7.50
Adults Non-Prime Time** $370.00 $197.00 $106.00 $44.50 $10.50


Type C Fitness Centres Fees***
Membership Type 1 Year 6 Month 3 Month 1 Month 1 Day
Adult?(19- 59 years) $264.00 $140.50 $79.00 $46.50 $13.00
Youth?(16- 18 years) $189.00 $101.00 $57.00 $32.00 $9.00
Older Adults (60+ years) $132.25 $70.25 $39.50 $23.25 $6.50
Adults Non-Prime Time** $189.00 $101.00 $57.00 $32.00 $9.00

There are three types of fitness centres. All of them offer:

  • Exercise rooms with cardio and strength equipment
  • Lane swimming – check your centre to see availability
  • Fitness classes

In addition to the above:

Type A membership holders?can access all type A, B or C centres and so have the most options for fitness classes.?These locations may offer enhancements such as towel service, a sauna or whirlpool, and personal training (at additional cost).

Type B?membership holders may access all type B and type C centres.

Type C membership holders may access all type C and all Weight Room locations.

If you’re unsure about what facility is right for you, please call the centre?before you stop by.

Type A Fitness Centres
Fitness Centre Address Phone
Cummer Park Fitness Club 6000 Leslie St 416-395-7803
Olympium Fitness Club 590 Rathburn Rd 416-394-8831

Type B Fitness Centres
Fitness Centre Address Phone
Albion Health Club 1485 Albion Rd 416-394-8676
East York Community Centre (no sauna or whirlpool) 1081 1/2 Pape Ave 416-396-2880
Gus Ryder Health Club 1 Faustina Dr 416-394-8726
Joseph J. Piccininni Health Club 1369 St. Clair Ave, W 416-392-6790
L’Amoreaux Community Recreation Centre (sauna only) 2000 McNicoll Ave 416-396-4512
Memorial Health Club 44 Montgomery Rd 416-394-8731
Oakridge Community Recreation Centre 63 Pharmacy Ave 416-338-1967
Port Union Community Recreation Centre 5450 Lawrence Ave E 416-396-4033
*York Recreation Centre 115 Black Creek Dr 416-395-9675

Type C Fitness Centres
Fitness Centre Address Phone
Annette Community Recreation Centre 333 Annette St 416-392-0736
Beaches Recreation Centre 6 Williamson Rd 416-392-0740
Brown Community Centre 454 Avenue Rd 416-392-6826
Ellesmere Community Recreation Centre 20 Canadian Rd 416-396-5536
Lawrence Heights Community Centre 5 Replin Rd. 416-395-6118
Main Square Community Recreation Centre 245 Main St 416-392-1070
Mary McCormick Recreation Centre 66 Sheridan Ave 416-392-0742
Matty Eckler Community Recreation Centre 953 Gerrard St, E 416-392-0750
North Toronto Memorial Community Centre 200 Eglinton Ave, W 416-392-6591
St. Lawrence Community Recreation Centre 230 The Esplanade 416-392-1347
Swansea Community Recreation Centre 15 Waller Ave 416-392-6796
Trinity Community Recreation Centre 155 Crawford St 416-392-0743
Wallace Emerson Community Centre 1260 Dufferin St 416-392-0039

You can use the pay-as-you-go option for weight rooms or take out a membership.

Weight Room Fees***
Membership Type 1 Year 6 Mth 3 Mth 10 Visits 1 Day
Adult(19- 59 years) $167.50 $91.00 $49.50 $77.00 $7.50
Youth (16-18 years) $103.00 $56.00 $31.50 $45.00 $4.50
Older Adults (60+ years) $83.75 $45.50 $24.75 $38.50 $3.75

Weight room locations

Find a specific weight room schedule by following the links below.

Community Centres with Weight Rooms
Community Centre Address Phone
*Antibes Community Centre 140 Antibes Dr. 416-395-0475
Carmine Stefano Community Centre 3100 Weston Rd. 416-395-6127
*Centennial Recreation Centre 1967 Ellesmere Rd. 416-396-4057
*Chalkfarm Community Centre 180 Chalkfarm Dr. 416-395-7802
*Dennis R. Timbrell Recreation Centre 29 St. Dennis Dr. 416-395-7972
Edithvale Community Centre 131 Finch Ave. W. 416-395-6164
Fairbank Memorial Community Centre 2213 Dufferin St. 416-394-2473
Fairfield Seniors’ Centre 80 Lothian Ave 416-394-8687
*Falstaff Community Centre 50 Falstaff Ave 416-395-7924
*Jenner Jean-Marie Community Centre 48 Thorncliffe Park Dr. 416-396-2874
*John Innes Community Recreation Centre 150 Sherbourne St. 416-392-6779
*Masaryk Cowan Community Recreation Centre 220 Cowan Ave. 416-392-6928
Mitchell Field Community Centre 89 Church Ave. 416-395-0262
Northwood Community Centre 15 Clubhouse Crt. 416-395-7876
*O’Connor Community Centre 1386 Victoria Park Ave. 416-395-7957
*Oriole Community Centre 2975 Don Mills Rd. 416-395-7855
Parkway Forest Community Centre 55 Forest Manor Rd. 416-392-6383
*Regent Park Community Centre 402 Shuter St. 416-392-5490
S.H. Armstrong Community Centre 56 Woodfield Rd. 416-392-0734
Toronto Track and Field Centre 4700 Keele St. 416-392-2812
Warden Hilltop Community Centre 25 Mendelssohn St. 416-392-7640
*Wellesley Community Centre 495 Sherbourne St. 416-392-0227

There is a $12 replacement fee for lost or stolen passport or membership cards.

Please consult a doctor before beginning any new fitness program.
*Free centres
**Non-Prime Time Hours are Monday to Friday, opening to 5 p.m.
***Fees in effect January 1, 2020