Before entry to any community centre, you must complete the Ontario Ministry of Health self-assessment for COVID-19 and if you do not pass the assessment, you should not visit any community centre.

Find the schedule for the nearest centre online and plan your visit.

Everyone must sign in when using a community centre or an indoor pool. This includes:

  • providing a first name
  • providing an email address or phone number
  • answering COVID-19 screening questions

This will help with Toronto Public Health contact tracing if it’s necessary.

Capacity has been reduced for community centres and indoor and outdoor pools. The maximum number of people in any one community room is 50 unless posted otherwise. Learn about capacity at indoor pools.

Community recreation centres have:

  • line management and protective barriers at service counters
  • signs and floor markings to maintain the safe flow of indoor traffic

Continue to follow Toronto Public Health guidance while visiting community recreation centres or indoor pools:

  • practise physical distancing
  • practise good hand hygiene often. Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer
  • sneeze or cough into a tissue or your elbow
  • limit contact with people you don’t live with and keep a distance of a least two metres apart.
Start reserving drop-in Aquafit and Fitness Classes on October 1, 2020, for classes running the week of October 5, 2020. A preview will be available on September 29, 2020.

Now you can reserve a lane swim or fitness workout online on eFun.

Find out which locations are participating, learn about fees for using the facilities and review the rules for:

Before You Start

To use eFun, you need a family number?for your household and a?client number for every member of your household. Get these numbers:

Visit How to Register for Recreation Programs for more information on setting up your account.

When to Reserve

Start reserving on Thursday at 7 a.m. for the following Monday through Sunday.

Can’t Make It?

If you change your mind and/or are no longer able to use your reserved fitness workout or lane swim, contact your local community centre during normal business hours to cancel your booking.

Step-by-Step Guide to Reserving Online

  1. Go to?
  2. Select Find Programs
  3. In the left-most column, find the heading Program List
  4. Make sure Only Programs Available For Registration is selected.
  5. Under the heading Program List, choose Reservations to expand the list
  6. Find and choose Fitness or Swimming
  7. In the right-most column, under the heading Program Listing, select Drop-in Fitness or Drop-in Swim to expand all available times
  8. Find the date and time you want to reserve. If it is available, an Add button will appear in the right-most column.
  9. Select Add
  10. In the new window, enter your client number and your family number. Follow the instructions to make your reservation.

In compliance with the?City of Toronto Mandatory Mask or Face Covering By-Law 541-2020, wearing a mask/face covering is required in indoor public spaces. This includes:

  • changerooms
  • washrooms
  • all other inside spaces

The face-covering can be a mask, scarf, bandana, other cloth covering or non-surgical paper mask as long as it covers your nose and mouth. Learn more about wearing a mask or face-covering when swimming.