Last updated: July 16, 2020 at 7:15 a.m.

While the City continues to work on reducing the spread of COVID-19 and ensuring the delivery of essential and critical City services, it is also working to prepare for Toronto’s recovery in the weeks and months to come.

The City has established the Toronto Office of Recovery and Rebuild (TORR) to:

  • coordinate engagement and research
  • develop the City’s recovery strategies
  • recommend actions to rebuild and reimagine the way the City delivers programs and services.

Residents, businesses and communities will play a significant role in successfully restoring communities and social and economic infrastructure. The City will continue to engage with institutions, the community and partners to get input that will help shape the City’s actions around recovery and rebuild.

The City will take a phased approach to Toronto’s reopening, recovery and rebuild.

Restart/Reopen will include gradually resuming City programs and services and gradually reopening businesses and private-sector services.

Recovery will involve implementing plans in partnership with other levels of government to support social and economic recovery once the pandemic begins to subside.

Rebuild and Reimagine will involve exploring opportunities for new ideas and partnerships related to how services and programs are delivered.

Since the outset of the pandemic, the City has received input from residents and businesses through many different avenues including outreach by the Mayor’s Economic Support and Recovery Task Force. This feedback has helped shape the City’s response to the crisis, and will help shape future actions to recover and rebuild. The City and its divisions and agencies will continue to engage with community partners and groups, Indigenous communities, residents and businesses to seek input throughout the different phases of recovery and rebuild.

Survey Now Closed

The survey is now closed. Your input is being reviewed and the City will report on findings in the fall.

Toronto’s recovery and rebuild will be guided by the:

  • advice and direction of public health officials
  • Province of Ontario’s three-phased approach to reopening businesses, services, and public spaces.

Ensuring the health and safety of all residents remains the City’s top priority.

As the Provincial government moves through its phased approach, the City will review the health and safety impacts to Torontonians and determine how it can implement the Province’s directions.

As more people return to work and daily activities, the City will need to determine how to adjust services, programs and operations to enable physical distancing:

  • on public transit
  • in public spaces
  • at childcare and other City facilities.

Flexibility and adaptability are key as Toronto moves to a “new normal.” As Toronto reopens, recovers and rebuilds, we must be responsive to any further spread, decline or surges of COVID-19 and adjust our actions accordingly. This will mean constantly monitoring and adapting to the situation.

The City will:

  • work to support the health and safety of employees, communities and the public as the number one priority
  • communicate regularly about City services and actions the City is taking to ensure the health and safety of our staff and those who use our programs and services.

Each level of government has different authorities and roles and responsibilities in terms of the COVID-19 response and recovery.

Municipal – Toronto

  • Utilities (water, waste water, garbage)
  • Transit (TTC)
  • Roads
  • Emergency services (police, fire, paramedics)
  • Municipal enforcement
  • City Hall
  • Property taxes
  • Culture and recreation
  • Family and community supports
  • Affordable/social housing
  • COVID-19 case and contact management
  • Long-term care

Provincial – Ontario

  • Schools
  • Hospitals/healthcare
  • Transit (Metrolinx / GO Transit)
  • Supports for employees/employers
  • COVID-19 testing
  • Justice
  • Highways
  • School taxes
  • Safety enforcement
  • Economic stimulus
  • Post-secondary institutions
  • Long-term care
  • Environmental protection

Federal – Canada

  • Income tax
  • Mortgages
  • Borders
  • RCMP
  • Military
  • Student loans
  • Airports
  • International travel
  • Safety enforcement
  • Income supports (Employment Insurance, Canada Emergency Response Benefit, Canada Child Benefit)
  • Economic stimulus
  • Environmental protection

City’s Long-Term Vision, Plans & Strategies

City Council has adopted a number of critical strategies and plans to create economic stability, social equity, environmental sustainability and a healthy city. The Toronto Office of Recovery and Rebuild will look to build upon these strategies when developing recommendations around how Toronto can recover and rebuild.

City Council Reports Related to Recovery & Rebuild

June 29, 2020:? COVID-19 Response and Recovery – Update ??

May 28, 2020: City of Toronto Service Restart and Recovery Update

April 30, 2020: City of Toronto Response and the Ongoing Management of Emergency City Business during the COVID-19 Pandemic